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and some other Art things

The Choice

Set Decorator - Spain Unit

Netflix Series: "The Choice" -- Production Company: Netflix + Binocular + SurFilm Productions -- Year: 2024 -- Locations: Canary Islands (IN PRODUCTION)

Special OPS: Lioness

Prop Master - Spain Unit

Paramount plus Series: "Special Ops: Lioness" -- Production Company: King Street Productions + Sur Film Productions -- Year: 2022 / 2023 Location: Barcelona / Mallorca / Morocco

Alice & Jack

Prop Master - Spain Unit

Series: "To be Continued" -- Production Company: 7 Islands Film -- Service Production for United Kingdom - Channel 4 -- Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria -- Year: 2022

The Gold Season II

Senior Set Dec Buyer - Spain Unit

BBC Series: "The Gold" -- Production Company: Tannadice Pictures + Alcala Productions -- Year: 2024 -- Locations: Canary Islands


Set Decorator Assistant

Feature Film: "Islands" -- Production Company: Augenschein & Fasten Films -- Year: 2023 - Location: Fuerteventura

Life is no Nursery School III

Prop Master

ARD Feature Film: "Life is no Nursery School" (Das Leben ist kein Kindergarten) -- Production Company: Amusement Park Film -- Year: 2022

The Gryphon

Prop Master Assistant

AMAZON Prime Series: The Gryphon (Der Greif) -- Production Company: Wiedemann&Berg & Service Production SurFilm -- -- Year: 2021/2022

The Kangaroo Conspiracy

Art Director Assistant

Feature Film: The Kangaroo Conspiracy (Die Känguru Verschwörung) -- Production Company: X Filme Creative Pool -- Year: 2021

Black Shadow

Prop Master

-- Sky Crime Series: Black Shadow (Schwarze Schatten) -- Production Company: Kineskope Film -- Year: 2021

Faster than the Fear

Prop Buyer

Degeto, MDR Series "Faster than the Fear" (Schneller als die Angst) -- Production Company: Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion -- Year: 2020

The Girl with the golden hands

Prop Master

-- Feature Film: "The girl with the golden hands (Das Mädchen mit den goldenen Händen" -- Production Company: If... Productions Film GmbH -- Year: 2020

Mission Ulja Funk

Prop Buyer

Feature Film "Mission Ulja Funk" -- Production Company: In Good Company & Samsa Film -- Year: 2019


Prop Master

RTL Series: "Magda" 4 Season -- Production Company: Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH -- Year: 2019

Isi & Ossi

Prop Master Assistant

Netflix Original Feature Film "Isi & Ossi" -- Production Company: X Filme Creative Pool -- Year: 2019

The Kangaroo Chronicles

Prop Master Assistant

Feature Film "The Kangaroo Chronicles" -- Production Company: X Filme Creative Pool -- Year: 2018


Prop Master Assistant

Sat.1 Feature Film "Amokspiel" -- Production Company: TV60Filmproduktion GmbH -- Year: 2018


Prop Master Assistant

Netflix Series "Parfum" -- Production Company: Constantin Film -- Year: 2017

Hot Dog

Prop Master Assistant

Feature Film: "Hot Dog" -- Production Company: Pantaleon Films GmbH -- Year: 2017

You are Wanted

Prop Master Assistant

Amazon Prime Serie: "You are Wanted" -- Production Company: Pantaleon Films GmbH - Year: 2016

NSU - The German Story

Prop Master Assistant

Netflix Feature Film: "NSU - The German Story" -- Production Company: Wiedemann&Berg -- Year: 2015

The City & The Power

Set Dresser

Tv Series "Die Stadt und die Macht" -- Production Company: Real Film Berlin GmbH -- Year: 2015

The people vs. Fritz Bauer

Set Dresser

Feature Film: "the people vs. Fritz Bauer" -- Production Company: Terz Filmproduktion GmbH -- Year: 2014

All of a sudden

Prop Master Assistant

Feature Film: "All of a sudden" (Auf Einmal) -- Production Company: EEE Productions GmbH -- Year: 2014

I'm originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where I graduated in 2010 from the Anhembi Morumbi University for Film Production. In 2011 I packed my personal props and started a new life in Berlin, Germany, where I was based for eleven years working at Film Productions within the Art Department; mainly Props and Set Decoration.
Beginning of 2022 after an International Production I've worked for in the Canary Islands, I got inspired to open up the horizon and moved to Tenerife, where I'm now based and ready to bring in action all the experience and passion I have for producing movies and series.
Within my working tools and qualifications I present my ability with foreign languages. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German in writing and speech.

Looking forward to use my creativity and dedicate myself on your next Project.

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  • Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spanien